2024 Scholarship recipients will be announced at the RHSA Awards Night on June 10

About PARTS Scholarships

Each year, students have the opportunity to apply for scholarships through PARTS. Funds are raised throughout the year and dedicated to the scholarship fund. Applicants are required to demonstrate a GPA of 3.0 or higher, on track for their A-G courses as well as a wide variety of electives, show extra curricular involvement, and submit an essay. The Scholarship Committee reads the essays and reviews the other criteria anonymously, and the top scoring students are awarded scholarships based on availability and approved by members at the May meeting. PARTS Scholarships are awarded at the Senior Awards Night at the beginning of June.

Please note that awards may vary from year to year, and the quantity and amounts of prior awards are not a guarantee of future awards.

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The Nanette Davis Scholarship

Nanette Davis was the founder of PARTS at Renaissance. Her vision included empowering students to seek education at four year universities and colleges after high school. Because of her hard work, dedication, and devotion to higher education, the PARTS annual scholarship was named in her honor.

The Bart Forbes Scholarship

Bart Forbes was born in Manhasset, New York in 1940. Much of his time, and many of his favorite moments, were spent at the family summer home on Moose Pond in Denmark, Maine. 

Bart cherished his family and his Scottish heritage and wore his kilt and family crest proudly.  He was creative, well-read, ambitious, and quite simply an incredibly elegant man. Bart was a talented and accomplished designer, artist, and architect. He started his own architectural engineering firm, specializing in residential and retail design. Over the years, he was honored with major awards for his work. 

Bart was an adventurer.  He was an avid motorcyclist, touring the U.S. and the hills of Tuscany, Italy.  An avid sailor, he traveled the world with his wife Cathy, family and friends by his side.  In retirement, he pursued his love of art in every medium, including the beautifully simple gift of his annual hand-drawn Christmas card.  

His interests in art included pen and ink drawings, watercolors, wood-crafting and etching, beautiful hand-beaded bookmarks that every friend cherished. He had scores of sketchbooks filled with drawings of the places he and Cathy visited.  He loved nothing better than sitting at a table creating art.  He was also a gifted landscape designer, creating lovely outdoor settings.

Bart thrived in every community where he lived or traveled; he embraced friendships new and old with genuine love and commitment.  He lived to bring everyone together to cook, eat, travel, and entertain. ​

Most importantly, Bart will be remembered as the kindest and most caring soul, who lived to create beauty for others.

The Leon Broussard IV Scholarship

Leon Broussard IV was born to Leon Broussard III and Jessica Padilla on August 31, 2004 in Los Angeles, California. Leon attended Renaissance High School for the Arts from 2018 - 2020 with a focus on Stage Technology.

Leon was academically gifted and had an innate desire to understand how things work. In December 2019, he received the Student of the Month award for exemplary academic achievement In early February 2020, he was placed on the Principal’s Honor Roll for demonstrating academic excellence. Though he loved creating with his hands, his interest in math and science fueled his desire to become a materials chemical engineer.

He possessed tremendous artistic talent and was passionate about costumes, cosplay, 3D printing and video games. He began creating his own Marvel costumes at the age of four, when he made an Iron Man Mark I costume out of foil and tape. His cosplay focus was Spider-Man and Spartans from Halo. 

Throughout the years, he honed his craft to design and produce his own 3D-printed custom costumes. His attention to detail and the quality of his work prompted friends and family to place orders for props and costumes. This allowed him to dabble in his own costume business.

Leon’s life was filled wth the joy and love of everyone who knew him.

- - - -

Leon is featured in a New York Magazine article [https://nym.ag/3djMjaW] about the rise in “deaths of despair” - suicides and fatal drug overdoses. “Prior to 2020, the second-leading cause of death [among adolescents] was suicide … And that’s not spoken about enough,” said Jessica Broussard, Leon’s mother.

A New York Times article about suicide prevention I Don't Want Another Family to Lose a Child the Way We Did

Please read and/or share the articles. Support research on this topic. Check in with your children, family members and friends. If you, or someone you know is in crisis, please call the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline at 800-273-8255 for free, anonymous support and resources.

Congratulations to our 2023 PARTS Scholarship Recipients

Nanette Davis Scholarship

Eden Nave ($200)

Leon Broussard IV Scholarships 

Paloma Maya Encarnacion ($700)

Bart Forbes Scholarships

Abigade Luna ($1200)

Beau Esparza ($800)


Special thanks to Cathy Taylor Forbes and Linda and Butch Price for their generous donations in memory of Bart Forbes and to Leon Broussard III and Jessica Padilla and the Renaissance community for their generous donation in memory of Leon Broussard IV.

See below to learn more about

​Bart Forbes and Leon Broussard IV.

Prior Scholarship Recipients

2022 Scholarship Recipients

Nanette Davis Scholarship

Irean NV Guillen ($250)

Leon Broussard IV Scholarships 

Kate Johnson ($200)

Kaitlyn Gooding ($750)

​Marylynn L Soria ($750)

Bart Forbes Scholarships

Adeline C Ella ($175)

Solomon M Haile ($175)

Angel Morales ($200)

Ethan Dodgen ($200) 

Stephany Uruets ($250) 

Sara Brake ($1000)

Seiya Mendiola ($1500)

2021 Scholarship Recipients

Leon Broussard IV & Bart Forbes 

$1000 Scholarship 

Michelle Rosales

Bart Forbes $500 Scholarships 

Clarissa Fierro
Dani Gonzales

Arianna Woods

Katrina Doyle-Jacobson

Janessa Perez

Bart Forbes $400 Scholarships 

Kaylah Brown

Fernanda Valdivia

$250 Nanette Davis PARTS Scholarships  

Caiden Craig

Leanna Fernandez

2020 Scholarship Recipients

$600 Bart Forbes Scholarship

Richthida Bovannak

Sofia Kan

Jaden Pearson

2020 $250 Nanette Davis PARTS Scholarship

Isabella Navarette

Kristiana Dimitrov

Lorena Mendoza

Dejah Bryant

2019 PARTS Scholarship Recipients

Sofia Del Bello $500

Dr. Ian Novotny Scholarship

Isabella Rugeroni $500

Cassidy Bui $500

2018 PARTS Scholarship Recipients

Isabel Avila $350

Ana Guidino $350

Dr. Ian Novotny Scholarship Recipient

Hafsa Ahmed $500 

2017 PARTS Scholarship Recipients

Christina Tsoi-A-Sue $500

Aminah Allen $400

Tan Ngo $400

Joann Long $200

Dr. Ian Novotny Scholarship Recipient

Casey Hahn $500 

2016 PARTS Scholarship Recipients

Ronin del Castillo $800

Meshayla Gazelle $400

Katherine Watson $400

Ebony Priddie $400

2015  PARTS / Nanette Davis Scholarship winners:

Caitlin Stogner ($750)

Tess Binderim ($600)

Dajanae Ridley ($600)

Erika Arreola ($275)

Kyler Schells ($275)

PARTS 2014 scholarship winners:

Kisesha Lacon ($750)

Quinn Davis ($500)

Jahmad Burns ($400)

Kacy Reece ($100)

Veronica Dimitrov ($100)

Julia Figueroa ($100)

All PARTS 2013 winners were accepted to four-year universities:

M'Ghan Stanford ($400)

Kaitlynn Rodriguez ($200)

Dilara Duarte Correia ($200)

Joshua Joras ($200)

PARTS 2012 scholarship recipients: 

Jazmyn Harris and Whitney Miller, both accepted to four-year universities.  They each received $375.