PARTS Board 2023-24

President: Hagoth Aiono

Vice President: Linda Gillum

Vice President: Alaine Williams

Treasurer: Jamie McDonald

Secretary: Claudia Martinez-Plambeck

Members at Large: Hutx Colunga, Chloe Flores, and Jeremy Dodgen

Board members for the upcoming school year are elected at the April meeting and assume their positions at the May meeting. For responsibilities of board members, Extended Board and Committee Chairs, click here.

Many thanks to former Board Members:
Patria Caballero, Mary Szak, Lori Brake, Saquita Turks, Magdalena Guillen, Juana Carrera, Collie Johnson, Elaine Del Bello, Estela Gama, Heather Stametelatos, Sandi Jenkins, Amanda Wells, Mary Barber, Tom Kearney, Lianne Rugeroni,  Molly Richard, Teresa Bohman, Karyn McNabb, Leslie Gilpin, Carolyn Pate, Jackie Hahn,  Tricia Gagna, Charlene Wynne, Nanette Davis, Diane Schweitzer, Dan Mulherin, Janice Reeder and Members at Large: Julie Ann Sherman, Mignon Richardson, Kim Miller, Carole Hernandez, Chuck and Kelly Grafft, Dena Binderim, Mercy Cheung, Autumn Hughes, Stacy Evans, Robin Frenette, Jamie and Carol Parker, and Alan and Maria McGrew.

PARTS Volunteers

We always need volunteers to help with important projects, such as:

Thanks to all the parents who volunteer, we welcome everyone's participation in any way they can! Parent involvement does help kids succeed in school!

We notify members of specific volunteer opportunities throughout the year via email and social media.

PARTS Mission

The following Mission Statement guides all PARTS activities and goals:

PARTS supports post-secondary academic and career success, and promotes the delivery of an excellent arts and academic program at Renaissance High School for the Arts (RHSA). This means PARTS will:

1) Provide fundraising and parent volunteers to arts and academics departments to enable the maintenance and continuous improvement of RHSA’s high standards;

2) Support parent involvement and education about post-secondary options including college and vocational training;

3) Build a strong community of parents, teachers and staff working together to promote the success and well-being of all students at RHSA.

PARTS is a 501(c)(3) Nonprofit 

EIN #81-3190809

RHSA PARTS Nonprofit Certificate 2024.pdf

 PARTS Bylaws

RHSA Bylaws 2016.pdf